“Night Sky”

As I walk this lonely road,
I stare at the stars that glowed.
The sun is gone, deep asleep,
And the dark appears, like the ocean deep.

The moon glitters at night,
And the stars present me with a beautiful sight.
I walk this lonely path and up I stare,
My mind goes blank and forgets all my cares.

I look up at the stars,
Fading away are my worries and scars.
Enjoying this moment alone,
Makes me better off on my own.

No one will look at me,
The real me is where no one can see.
Patience is key in finding love.
Until then, it’s just myself and the night sky above.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Located at St. John’s University Campus. (01/23/18)

5 Replies to ““Night Sky””

  1. Wow, I really like this poem and the image. I can imagine myself looking up the sky and listening to the music I like. Just enjoying myself and the nature. Good job!

  2. Jaaaaaaaan, I loved this one the most. it’s so good. I am suggesting few corrections:
    “I look up at the stars,
    Fading away are my worries and scars.”
    “Patience is key in finding love.”

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