When she walks in the room,
Beautiful flowers will bloom.
Spring is in the air,
Her true colors, all graceful and fair.

She notices all things,
The innocence and beauty she brings.
I don’t get why she gets unnoticed?
It distracts me, leaving me unfocused.

Every endless days,
She looks great as always.
Every sleepless nights,
I fantasize, dancing in delight.

Where days and nights meet,
Burns bright orange and yellow, all bittersweet.
I’ll find you in the warm sunset,
Appreciating your elegant silhouette.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: 34th Street – Hudson Yards. (10/01/15)

2 Replies to ““Muse””

  1. You seem to be very artistically inclined which is pretty cool since I could never really get the hang of that. I remember when I was introduced to poems as a kid I was interested because it was a whole new form of literature to be explored (I was a biiit of a nerd back then, possibly still am) although to be kinda disappointed when it wasn’t more storytelling driven like the books I was used to.

    I was a lot more picky on what I read back then but as I’ve grown up and matured I’ve come to appreciate poems a lot more and how much work goes into them. Like, from what I can tell this is a poem inspired by a flower which just kinda impresses me cuz I’d just see a flower and go “k” and walk away.

    It’s the difference in mentalities I suppose but it’s pretty cool to see how different minds work and what they come up with at the end.

    1. I can honestly relate to you that I use to be a lot more picky when I was young. As we grow up, we do mature and appreciate all art forms of literature. But thank you so much! I really appreciate it. 🙂

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