“Dead End”

I don’t pay attention to the world ending.
The world has already ended for me.
Many times, I wake up pretending,
To be that tough guy everyone sees.

Every morning and night,
It’s the same old story.
That life isn’t going so bright.
The story of my life already written for me.

Loser and loner that’s covered in scars,
The color of the heart, all black.
Dirty trash falling like dead stars.
A sweet taste of death that whispered back.

The tears of a clown, sadder than sad.
I miss the younger days that I’ve had.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: Woodside, NY. (05/23/19)

The Finest of Nature

Appreciating the beauty of a sunset.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: 61st-Woodside Station. (09/20/16)

“These Days”

These days,
It’s been so hard these days
To risk another.
Now I am afraid
To live the life I have planned out.
These days I’m losing.

One of these days,
I’ll keep on pushing
And improve on things.
But I’m bound to fail again.
Please don’t confront me with them.
It won’t be forgotten.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: Woodside, NY. (01/07/18)

“Beautiful Flaws”

What is the use of having someone’s love?
When you can’t find a way to love yourself.
Cracked perfection is something to be proud of.
Brag your failures, ignore everyone else.

It’s still hard for me to see you
In all your beautiful flaws.
The dying flowers can be the best view.
Slow dancing to death heal my lost cause.

We are about to go down.
And you can see clearly.
We’re just sad clowns
Whom bled from the heart sincerely.

I wander on this road full of forgets.
I want to close my eyes without any regrets.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: My House. (12/13/18)


When she walks in the room,
Beautiful flowers will bloom.
Spring is in the air,
Her true colors, all graceful and fair.

She notices all things,
The innocence and beauty she brings.
I don’t get why she gets unnoticed?
It distracts me, leaving me unfocused.

Every endless days,
She looks great as always.
Every sleepless nights,
I fantasize, dancing in delight.

Where days and nights meet,
Burns bright orange and yellow, all bittersweet.
I’ll find you in the warm sunset,
Appreciating your elegant silhouette.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: 34th Street – Hudson Yards. (10/01/15)

“Cupid Cafe”

Thinking about you will keep me up all night,
Your charms fill me up with innumerable delight.
The way you enlighten my mood,
Keeps me at peace with your sips of gratitude.
My face brightens when I see you,
As my heart continues to race like a cup of cold brew.
The beautiful scent of your aroma
vibes your pure and innocent persona.
Your charisma is as addictive as coffee,
And when you look at me, it kills me softly.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Location: Lucid Cafe. (12/09/18)

“Night Sky”

As I walk this lonely road,
I stare at the stars that glowed.
The sun is gone, deep asleep,
And the dark appears, like the ocean deep.

The moon glitters at night,
And the stars present me with a beautiful sight.
I walk this lonely path and up I stare,
My mind goes blank and forgets all my cares.

I look up at the stars,
Fading away are my worries and scars.
Enjoying this moment alone,
Makes me better off on my own.

No one will look at me,
The real me is where no one can see.
Patience is key in finding love.
Until then, it’s just myself and the night sky above.

Photo taken and edited by: Jan Ryan Enate. Located at St. John’s University Campus. (01/23/18)

Hello and Welcome to my Website!

I am excited to write my very first blog post for my website. Here, you will see and many different works from me, such as poems, photography, and more! Feel free to comment and offer feedback for me, that way I can use it and improve as time goes by. Thank you and enjoy the Works of Jan!